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  1. The photo files are too big and it won't let me load them in here. Trying to figure out how to make them fit.
  2. My kickstarter arrived the other day. I have the fleet admiral level pledge. The only things I didn't get are the personalised rulebook, t-shirt, decameron, campaign books, bust, and nation guides. Should I post pictures?
  3. I was under the impression that the STO would be listed in the PE orbat. Can you explain how the STO orbat ia going to work a little bit?
  4. Does very shortly mean this week or next week?
  5. Found it. Thanks.
  6. How do we find out when our Corinthian club subscription expires?
  7. I received an email yesterday saying most of my kickstarter rewards have shipped. Can't wait for it to arrive. Is there anyway to find out what has shipped?
  8. I think the reason the assault carrier is 1x5 and fleet carrier is 2x4 is to make you decide if you want more saw wings or better saw wings. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. As for putting the saw tokens and trays in the scrap yard, that is how my group plays. It is easier to keep track of how many tiny flyer tokens and trays you a have available if you put them in the scrap yard.
  9. Good to hear. Thanks for the response to my emails over the weekend. I have a friend that is a captain level backer and has received nothing. Should he email despatch or you Niel for information?
  10. According to despatch they are still in the process of manufacturing models. Don't know what specifically isn't finnished.
  11. I had the same experience. I was very specific. I asked has my order shipped or not. I did ask about the personalized books in a different email, but that email was ignored.
  12. Did Spartan stop doing the news letter? I received one the first quarter, but that is it. I also never got my free gift even after emailing Spartan about it. What was the point of paying to join?
  13. Fleet admiral with add-ons. Heard nothing. Asked despatch if my order has shipped or not and the response was my colleague is working on orders and that somethings are still in production.
  14. If you use a fleet carrier that has 2 x 4 wings of sas and you use the rebuild action do you rebuild 1 of the wings or both?