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  1. So did Spartan attend and do we have any picture? What was there? Anything new? Really any news at all. Thanks!
  2. Moose he isn't very fragile. As of right now he is the hardest thing to kill in the game. 2 wounds with a 2+save is nasty. Better then the next best or a 4+ rerollable. Yes you can fail it and yes I have seen it, however it is the really powerful. I am not saying it shouldn't be just nasty. Just to much going on.Hard to ignore a spartan when it can wipe out a grunt 4 base unit in 1 shot, not to mention his reactions. Makes it hard to move around.
  3. Everything.......
  4. chrach they are space planes. Planes are massive. Its must to be able to fit them on the table.
  5. ugh sure is can a mod take this down please
  6. So there are new flyers in the store. 1/300 scale Pelican, Longsword, Seraph and Phantom. What do you guys think. I love the look and price isn't to bad either. I was hoping the first flyers would be the Banshee and Hornet. I wonder what the states will be like? Good stuff.
  7. So there are new flyers in the store. 1/300 scale Pelican, Longsword, Seraph and Phantom. What do you guys think
  8. I like the look of the Seraph and Longsword. Got to say if these are the flyers that they talked about I;m supprised. I thought it would have been the banshee and hornet.
  9. +1 to Moose for hitting the rule on the head. This is the only real problem I have with the current rules.
  10. Red team from Halo wars would be cool, but the armor they have is all the same. So that might be a little boring.
  11. Guys there is a Spartan 6 that is cannon. Heck you can watch him in a live action commercial. he blows up the cap ship with the bomb when Kat gets her Arm taken off. So they can do it either way. They could have the orginal 6, or the new guy. Either way I'm cool. got to say if will be great to have the out on the table. They will kill soooooo much stuff. Think about having a wave game like the ending of Reach. Just see how long the team can last and how much they can take out. Its going to be sweet. That said I want Blue team.
  12. what are you thinking a base value of 10 instead of 12 for suppression? I feel like its in there but they don't want the game to slow down due to morale. I like it as it. However, if it was easier to get suppressed I wouldn't have a problem with that either.
  13. The thing that bugs me about the spartan is they react to everything all the time. Now you can say use cover but lets be real if you put the Spartan in a spot that is has great lines of sight and can be shot at by the enemy they may still not shoot at it. The thing that would make them better is a change to the reaction rule. If you have an activation token and fail a reaction you should get a cool down. I also would not be against the rifle doing 2 less on AT, AA.
  14. BlitzRs the terrain will be cool and it will be coming out at some point. But they really need to flush out the game first. Keep in mind that spartan is a pretty small company and can only put out so much at a time. With that said if you take a step back and look at it, they really do a great job releasing alot of product as a whole. Sadly I don't think we will see anything for 2 months.
  15. good stuff, I like the terrain. It just seems like the terrain for any game is so expensive. O well. Thanks for the pictures.