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  1. I know what stats a Spartan has thank you. And I stand by what I said. In larger games, with tanks, snipers and elite infantry, the Spartan can be pretty fragile. Are they stupidly strong? Sure! But they're also the main target of everything a covenant player can use against it and that means he's rolling a lot of saves. When the covenant are fielding the heavy stuff it gets tricky for the guy. And as I said, you can ignore them. I've seen it plenty of times and it was a widely discussed tactic at the time of release on the Facebook page debates. Unless you are playing a match of total annihilation then you can just kill the other, very fragile UNSC units, get a better score in the victory points department and take the day. Can you do that in every situation? Of course not but nevertheless it's a viable tactic under the right circumstances.
  2. Spartans can get pretty fragile in larger games. I've also seen in various places that simply ignoring the Spartan and pressing on with the objective of the game can be a viable tactic
  3. Correct, the Phoenix is 63m shorter than an epoch
  4. I meant more along the lines of a template for the actual shots coming in, like a firing overlay, similar to what is used in warhammer
  5. No, I'm not sure about it. I don't have to book on me. Why don't you ask someone from Spartan. Or check the older threads, I'm sure someone has asked the question before.
  6. I think you might be overestimating the size of the Phoenix, it's almost identical in length to an Epoch
  7. This is the first time I've heard people complaining about the reaction system as well. I was under the impression it was universally praised for its simplicity and the dynamic it adds to the game
  8. Could go the same route as they have with the Pelican and now the Longsword and have artillery as something that doesn't need the actual model, just a card silhouette but the model is there should you want to buy one.
  9. I could see them adding off map artillery strikes to the game, not sure if the current playing fields are large enough to have artillery able to be used effectively. It would be cool if they added Reach style artillery to the game. For a price you can equip say a Spartan with a laser designator that can call in artillery
  10. Longsword and Seraph have no transport ability. Their role in the game will be purely interception and ground attack. I imagine they'll be more effective at it than Pelicans and phantoms
  11. They reacted to the outcry over the Valiant Cruiser rules by releasing an update to the fleet battles rules that overhauled the stats for a number of units to improve balance overall it took a while though
  12. I'm surprised there isn't more buzz on here. The Facebook page is lighting up with excitement over these. I cant wait to get the Longsword and Seraph. I never dreamed that we'd get them for ground command. As for the Banshee etc, they're coming soon, just not quite yet
  13. Double post
  14. You are probably thinking of the fact that you can react to an enemies action at two points, either before or after they move. Any unit in range can react to the enemy and once you have reacted, pass or fail, you get an activation token. You can try to react again against other units using the second track but each unit can only react once against the same unit. Multiple units can react.
  15. I used the two marathons that came with it for parts plus a few odds and ends from my bitz box