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  1. The rule says "Formation", not "Battlegroup" so the rule only applies to the Autumns themselves unless you house-rule it.
  2. I wasn't responding because I live in the American Midwest, and I don't think there's any plausible means of one of us getting to the other for a game. I actually had a very similar origin story for getting into this game. GW gave the middle finger to players one too many times, and I stopped playing, which happened to correspond to when I found out about Halo Fleet Battles, so I sold all of my 40k stuff and bought a couple fleets for Halo Fleet Battles. The already established games are on self-reinforcing loops, where new people play them because they have an established player-base, and they continue to have an established player base because new players keep joining. What I've done for Halo Fleet Battles is to buy both the UNSC and Covenant fleets, and go to the game store with both fleets built and a summary of the rules printed out so that I can find someone who isn't occupied and entice them to play a game of Halo Fleet Battles, allowing them to learn the game, see for themselves that the mechanics are good, and do so without investing money up front. The goal is that eventually they'll buy their own fleets and I won't be stuck trying to make both fleets as balanced as possible (to remove bias in fleet-building I've been letting the other player pick which fleet he wants to play) I would very much like if we saw more out of Spartan Games (Battle Reports, FAQs, etc), but I don't know what all they do behind the scenes. I've had only a couple direct interactions with them, and both times they addressed my concerns as quickly and efficiently as if they'd been Dr. Halsey's very own Spartan IIs.
  3. You don't double the attack dice at all. It gives you two dice to try to make the target Vulnerable before it rolls its defense dice. You're at MAC 4, so you roll 2 dice (for this rule), and if either die is a skull or a two, your target is Vulnerable and takes the penalty on his defense (rule on pg 108-109).
  4. Does it have a Defended variant? How do you like the Hunter Boarding Parties? How do they compare to ODSTs, Zealots, and Spartans?
  5. In my opinion the backbone of the UNSC in HFB is the Defended Valiant (15 MAC hit dice), which means getting a set of Valiants and a set of Halberds to field it. If you pair a Defended Valiant with a Marathon and a Paris Formation your MAC dice pool should be dropping the Covenant Capital ships extremely quickly clear up to 32". You can get a second Epoch to be able to field the Orthrus Battlegroup, upgrading to better Interceptors and increasing the number of them you get to have. I also like pairing Epochs in this Battlegroup because I like to keep my dice pools at a minimum of 20 dice. You can also get a set of UNSC Super MAC Orbital Platforms. Their range is matched only by the Covenant's CAS Assault Carrier, and a pair of them have a dice pool of 20. The Harpy Battlegroup and Shield Wall are both really good for maximizing the use of Paris Frigates in Battlegroups to counter Elusive Elements you opponent brings to the table. One word... Cortana. She is a force-multiplier, a welcome addition to any fleet with enough points to spare for her. She can shut down the firepower of an enemy element, and all three of her dice can be given to the Fleet Commander if necessary. The Autumn is better than the Marathon in every way except the real-world cost of acquiring it, but even then, the Autumn's price isn't excessive if you compare it to other games of the genre like 40k or War Machine. Those are my thoughts on the options currently available. I'm getting the Phoenix-class Colony Ship when it's released, but I really don't know what rules it will have.
  6. What role does the Marathon still have when the Autumn has stronger MACs and better defense? All other factors are so small that they don't really register compared to those two (in my opinion). I ask because I have around a dozen Marathons.
  7. These two elements appear to be about as similar as the Paris Trident and Arrowhead Formations, which leave me to wander, what fleet roles would favor one of these Elements over the other.
  8. First: does the Carrack have a Defended variant? If so, I would definitely go with that, because cloaking is awesome for improving survivability. (I don't have one yet, but have looked at the rules for the standard version) I personally prefer larger games, so if I field a Carrack, I'll probably flank its Battlegroup with two Battlegroups of: 1 Defended CPV Destroyer, 3 ADP Escort Tri Formations: (CPV at the front so the ADPs' special rule will apply) The CPVs should be the most immediate threat and eat up most of the opponent's shooting, while still having decent odds of surviving to get into combat, but even if your opponent decides to focus on the Carrack (and successfully stop it), that should allow the CPVs to get close enough to do the same level of damage as the Carrack would have. You may also consider a few battlegroups consisting of a CCS, an RCS, and SDVs to provide some long-range support by means of a 22 dice attack pool to soften up the opponent's strongest targets. Alternatively, just maximizing short-range Battlegroups is also viable. Battlegroups consisting of a Defended DSC Support Ship, backed by 3 SDV formations are pretty good. (take this with a grain of salt: I haven't met anyone else in my area who owns a fleet, so I've been building both lists and then finding people at the game store to play one fleet while I play the other.)
  9. Many Thanks! I think of these two I'll get the Carrack 1st. Would it be too much to ask if it has a Defended variant? Any word on the other ships, like the Blockade Runner or the Phoenix?
  10. The per-ship cost seems to be close enough, so it makes it easier for players to customize their fleets without having so many unused ships that you inevitably end up with when buying the larger packs. As such, I like it. I haven't saved enough to buy the new ships yet, as I'm currently between jobs, but I'm really curious about them, and I haven't seen the rules online yet. Are they posted anywhere? I want to know what the Autumn' and Phoenix's stats are.
  11. I live in Ohio, USA. I haven't met another player in person yet, though I've talked to a few online who are as close as a 3-4 hour drive away. I haven't fielded the Paired CCS battlegroup myself, but against it I'd probably go with my Defended Valiant and standard Marathon combo to try to blast it off of the table before it got too many shots off. Alternatively, depending on the size of the game, if you can take a pair of Super MAC Stations, that's 20 dice at 40", which will be able to out-range the Paired CCS Battlecruisers, with better firepower. Were the rules for the Autumn-Class released? I've been looking for them but haven't seen them anywhere.
  12. You have a Shield Formation in your second battlegroup, but according to the last FAQ I checked, Shield Formations could only be used in their Special Battlegroups (the same goes for any unit whose deck-plate is yellow across the top). But for friendly games I don't think you'll have trouble with this. It looks good to me. If I lived anywhere close to you, I'd happily play against this list. Personally, my favorite Battlegroup includes a Defended Valiant, a Marathon, and a Paris Trident Formation. It costs 280 pts. A fleet with a couple of these can with reasonable reliability remove enemy Covenant ships from the table before they get close enough to do real damage, which could cripple their fleet. But on the flip-side, your list would be much better suited for lists that have more Elusive Elements. There aren't many other players around me, so I'm usually building both fleets and then going to the game store to find someone who will play one fleet so I can have a game that's not me on both sides. This list I suggested sees great use in my games, because it is often up against a Defended Covenant Destroyer, backed up by ADP Tri-Formations, which make it nearly impervious to missiles, so the UNSC's best odds are to destroy the Destroyer with MACs before it gets close enough to cut them up with its Plasma Beam.
  13. True, but the UNSC only has MACs and Missiles, so making a ship practically immune to missiles deprives the opponent of half of their firepower. Even if you're up against other Covenant, the missile weapons are the easiest weapons to get large dice pools for, so again it is a huge survivability benefit.
  14. I found that if you keep your ADPs behind your Capital Ship, they are much more useful, as their Point Defense is added to the Capital Ship, increasing its survivability, even more than they would sitting in front of it and eating the missiles themselves. In fact, I like to field a Defended Destroyer with 3 ADP formations behind it, making it almost untouchable until it gets to close range and starts wreaking havoc on the UNSC lines.
  15. I've seen a couple custom base overlays that fans have made for their own custom fleets (such as Flood-themed), and I was wandering if there was a website or download to make our own custom base overlays that we can fill in, print, and cut out?