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  1. @Spartan Mike Hi Mike any news on the new Quarter or the Kickstarter Exclusive? Been awhile since we have heard anything.
  2. I've heard rumours from Neil about Canadian Submarines... nothing solid though.
  3. I'll be making mine Public... once I figure out what I am going for.
  4. The Rules 2.0 book seems a point of contention for a lot of people so hears an idea. If it is a spare copy, Donate it to a less wealthy player or your local game shop to help spread the DW player base. If it is not a spare add it to your collection. Just an idea
  5. @Presidente I think the freebies stack until you order. You would have to check with a Spartan to confirm that previous quarters exclusives would still be available though as I'm new to the Corinthians.