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  1. Hi everyone I have a curiosity but in dw that technologies are there? For example, to discover an enemy fleet, do you use the RADAR? To communicate whether you use the radio or the telegraph? thank you all
  2. Hi you know about full obart
  3. thank you so much
  4. Hello someone can you tell me if the LOIS land forces will come out in the future? thank you
  5. Will Sto and Doc be up to date when new OBARTS will emerge?
  6. Hi everyone I wanted to ask two things 1 according to the new DWFA obarts you can have 2 repair ships on a squadron ranging from 1 to 6 so my question is I can only make a squadron with 2 repair ships? 2 how can I get land forces for LOIS? Give me suggestions
  7. Hi, then I saw the published scenarios I wanted to know if those in regulation 2.5 can use or use those specially made for FA
  8. I wanted to know according to the new FA obarts if I can only make a squadron with 2 repair ships?
  9. I mean in DWFA
  10. OK thanks. In the operational set-ups that repair ships can include up to 2 my question is you can only use those two ships?
  11. Hello everyone would like to know how to add the ground troops to my strength
  12. They should leave for Day 11 this month
  13. I'm so happy .......... can I use a squadron with only two volcanoes?
  14. Thanks so much