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  1. Looks cool. I like the building. Keep painting and posting!
  2. That is a lot of Terrans! My fleet is no where near that big......yet. Thankyou very much for posting pictures of your fleet.
  3. Looking WestAustralian! I know the feeling about needing rest. Last saturday was family reunion. And this past Monday during the Solar eclipse my church was giving out free water and bibles in Sweetwater. I slept like a rock that evening.
  4. I am looking at maybe getting some Sorylians. I am curious as to what ships and strategies people use, and was wondering if anyone could give a potential new lizard advice. Thanks! P.S. My primary opponent uses Dindrenzi. So tactics against the Dindrenzi would be great.
  5. Hey, to each there own. Different people have different tastes. I can't say that I really absolutely hate the Apollo and Razorthorn Its just that I like the Tyrant the most. Though I do like like the Apollo better than the Razorthorn. Perhaps if they release the two of them with the same level of detail as the newer ships I would like them better. Hmmm, this gives me an idea. I think I'll use that idea. My favorite ship with the "cruiser" name in it is the Marshal.
  6. The indomitable's battleship configuration looks better than the Apollo and Razorthorn. Though I think the Tyrant might have it beat. The Solar is the best looking terran carrier out there. However I think that the Templar looks better than the hauberk.
  7. You gotta give us something!
  8. They have updated the Blog, and have added pictures of all the new light destroyers! I have to say that the Dindrenzi one looks like a mini Retribution. The Sorylian and Relthozan destroyers look downright aggressive. And then there the Indomitable, I'm trying not to drool on my keyboard. It is a really cool ship. I hope Spartan posts more pictures soon! What does you all think of these new ships so far?
  9. Good game! I know the feeling about flubbed shield rolls. I hope you do more Battle reports.
  10. Thanks for the likes and for the compliments! And since clifford is patiently waiting for part 3, so here you go! Battle for Artemia Begins: Part 3 Standing guard over the Celestial and theGalileo spacestations battlegroups Bravo and Charlie await the arrival of Admiral Standifer and command group Alpha. "What is the ETA on Command group Alpha?" asked Commodore Jackson. "Fifteen minutes, Commodore." came the answer. "Contact Missouri, I wish to speak with Commodore Lee." he said. "Understood Sir." said the communications officer. "We have established contact with them, Sir." he said after a few minutes. "Put him on." "Yes, Sir." "Commodore Jackson, what is it you need?" Commodore lee said. Jackson smiled, Lee wasn't one to waste time with small talk. "What are your thoughts on what Admiral Standifer told us?" "That we've got our work cut out for us. Last intelligence report I read was that the Dark Knights equalled us in numbers, between that and the unidentified fleet coming oout of the Anomaly we're going to need reinforcements." "Agreed." Jackson assented. "Do you think the Admiral is correct about the Dindrenzi fleet being the Dark Knights, and that their coming here?" "I'd say that he is correct, he has had experience with the Dark Knights before. And their Admiral is known for being vengeful. I have no doubt that he has been hunting for Admiral Standifer ever since his defeat at Cardia." said Lee. "When am I going to get the whole story of what happened there?" "You will have to ask him. He hasn't even told me everything, and I was there." Lee said sadly. "Perhaps when the war is over. If it ends in-" he began when the ship's alarms suddenly interrupted him. "Commodore! We just detected a Dindrenzi fleet coming out of slipspace!" "Alert all ships. All hands to battlestations." ordered Jackson. "Looks like we're going to be earning pay today Lee, Godspeed." "Godspeed Jackson. we're going to need it." replied Lee. Jackson nodded his agreement to Lee before turning to the communications officer. "Open a channel to Bravo for me." "Yes Sir." "This is Commodore Jackson to battlegroup Bravo," he began when the channel opened. "The enemy has arrived, lets show them the door." TO BE CONTINUED Thanks for reading! Comments and likes are appreciated!
  11. I wonder if this means they have found a way to limit focus fire?
  12. Looking good! Keep'em coming.
  13. I'll take that as a hint to get to work on the next part then. Thanks for the compliments!
  14. That is a good looking ship. I think I found another favorite. I do hope it will have its own rule set as well. I don't need three Apollo/ Razorthorns, but I guess I could always run it as the battlecarrier.
  15. You've seen it from the Knight's perspective now for the 501st's. Battle for Artemia Begins In the middle of the Artemian belt, away from any Terran stations or enemy ships, lies Command group Alpha recover from its wounds in the recent Battle of the Anomaly. "Admiral Standifer, Sir" said Captain Noah. Admiral Standifer turns to look at the Captain. "Yes Captain?" "All ships have reported in and all repairs have been made. We are ready to give those Zenian scum a good hiding, If I may say so Sir." Captain Noah said confidently. "What were our losses Captain?"Standifer could see the Captain begin to look uncomfortable at the question. "Rough counts currently sit at 15 percent casualties, Sir" Standifer shook his head sadly. Many leaders would consider 15 percent to be acceptable losses. to him however no loss was exceptable, no matter how small. He could not with a clear concious send men into battle possibly to their deaths if he did not put himself on the front with them. That was one of the many lessons that Admiral Frederick had taught him before his death at Cardia. Cardia. Standifer was the commodore of the Fury at that battle. He was there when a railgun slug made it through the ships shields barely missing the bridge. The impact killed many of the command crew including Admiral Frederick. He had watched as the Dark Knights began to drive the disheartened Terrans back while the Fury lay helpless. When the ship was finally made semi operational he had ordered the attack on the enemies rear in hopes that it would buy the 316th time to escape. Rather than running Commodore Lee led the charge to their aid. They won, at a horrific cost. "What progress have the techs made on the enemy frigate?" Standifer asked in an effort to drag his mind from the past. "Decription is...... difficult. We don't know the language so we're having to try and interpret it while we decript the systems." the Captain replied. "Alright, Contact the Freedom and Liberty send them our cordinates, and have them remain here and guard the frigate while regroup with Bravo and Charlie." ordered Standifer. "Yes Sir." "And tell Bravo and Charlie to prepare for visitors." "Sir?" the Captain asked quizzically. "The Dark Knights of Dramos do not take defeat lightly. They will be looking for us. It is best that we be prepared." Standifer explained. What he did not tell the Captain was the the commander of the Knights was one of the best Admirals in the Dindrenzi navy. And that he would attack them with a vengeance for his defeat at Cardia. TO BE CONTINUED Thanks for reading! Your thoughts about it will be appreciated!
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
If you're interested, drop us an email at forum@warcradle.com.