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  1. Regular updates on what their are working on. Nothing groundbreaking just updates saying their working on this and have made this amount of progress on it. Regular small releases that alternate games would help pervent any one group of fans from feeling left out. Just my 2 cents. And by the way, that picture is just downright creepy.
  2. Very good points both of you. I have been reading the Planetfall thread and Armada thread, talk about being raked over the coals. I cannot blame them for not wanting to say anything. I hope I haven't been contributing to the problem any, but I apologize if I have. Something that I have noticed is that people have been posting less in the hobby and battle report sections lately. I don't know if that people have been busy lately or are avoiding the forum because of the attitude that is prevailing in it. It is sad though because that was the part I enjoyed the most.
  3. Don't worry about it life happens sometimes. I gave it bombers because Star destroyers don't typically have torpedoes that I know of, and it needed a Blue attack. If it doesn't work then I'll give it torpedoes and switch to intercepters for the SRS. Hopefully I can do some testing soon.
  4. I gave it bombers because Star destroyers don't typically have torpedoes that I know of, and it needed a Blue attack. If it doesn't work then I'll give it torpedoes and switch to intercepters for the SRS. Hopefully I can do some testing soon.
  5. Your right it needs something. I'll have to get a finer paintbrush before I can do that. Sorry about the lack of activity lately, I got occupied with other things. But I got a bit of work done on my vindicators this weekend. Here are two of them next to my star destroyer. And a closeup. I have begun construction on my third one and will hopefully finish it soon. I had an idea regarding those actually. Have them create a gravity well that interferes with shunts. Or maybe have them create a field that interferes with torpedoes. The immobilizer class uses the same hull as the vindicator cruiser. But I have also seen some larger interdictors based off of a star destroyer. Thanks for looking!
  6. I have not been able to test it yet.
  7. THANKYOU SOMEONE HAS FINALLY REPLIED!!! And no didn't use a single ship as a tenplate, I wrote down the stats for most of the official battleships and figured out the lowest and highest number for each stat. I used that range of numbers as a rough guide. Though on points and weapons I mostly guessed. Though I did use a bit of real star destroyer fluff to help determine some of the stats. A good example of this is the low PD, star destroyers are vunerable to TRD(trench run disease). Ion cannons are not know for accuracy at long range hence the high close range damage on them. They also scrambleship systems which is why they have corrosive.
  8. Very well done. I cannot wait to see your other ships!
  9. Nearly Done! Just needs some touch up a coat of clear then a picture with a space background. And a Name! I have started working on my second vindicator. Here is a picture with one next to a Armsmen and Tueton. Thanks for looking !
  10. Sorry if I put this in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where I would post this question. I have been building a custom fleet for Firestorm Taskforce. I have asked my main opponent's permission to build and use the fleet. However I need some advice on the stats. I have not done any testing yet. CLASS- Impeial mark 2 Battleship SQUAD SIZE- 1 COST- 235 M-7 DR-9 HP-8 CP-7 PD-4 SH-3 WEAPONS LASER BATTERY(P+S) MARS - PB-10 EF-15 LR-6 ION BATTERY(360) MARS(corrosive) PB-8 EF-5 LR-0 BOMBERS (1x) PB-7 EF-7 LR-0 MARS- Elite crew This is my first time doing this so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. They look really good. I am still amazed at you space station.
  12. Looks really good. The aircraft looks really neat in that color.
  13. Probably not. It would be a little big for the gaming table........ Any way I got the second coat on the ship! I did some work on my ties, but I think I need a smaller brush though. Thank you all for the compliments, they help keep me motivated on finishing these projects.
  14. Yuck. That was a little too close. Looks good though(not the lizard poop, the vehicles).
  15. At long last, I can begin painting my Star Destroyer! This is just the base coat of coarse, but it is a start. Funny how superglue caps make good thrusters. I have made my decision regarding the Vindicators. I will use Vindicator cruisers and Gladiator star destroyers for my frigate squadrons. Victory I's as my cruiser squadron. And Victory II's as my heavy cruiser squadron(they are faster and better armed than the Victory I's). As a carrier I was thinking of using a Venator star destroyer mark one or two( didn't know about the mark two until just now, neat looking ship as well). And for a Dreadnought I was thinking of using the Praetor class Battlecruiser mark II. Don't be fooled by the star wars classification. It is 4,800 meters to the star destroyers 1,600 meters. Some of these may change but this is my current plan right now. Thank you for looking, and comments are appreciated!