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  1. Well, this has been massively underwhelming. Admins, please feel free to delete this thread; if over twenty people can read it and not offer a reply, I think it's safe to say it's already a dead issue. Thanks.
  2. Morning! New member to the forums and, as far as I can tell, this post isn't breaking any rules (famous last words!). Is there an area on the forums where people can find players in their area? Are there any players here local to Chester/Liverpool? I've owned Fleet Battles and Ground Command since launch but I'm yet to play a game as my miserable mates don't like Halo (I'm still wondering why I'm friends with them too). Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to getting in on this community so thanks for reading.
  3. 'Ey up! I'm ShortySL; 36 year-old Brit, owner of Halo Ground Command and Fleet Battles but player of neither due to a lack of players in my area. I'm friendly enough, so I'm told. Favourite unit is currently the Orion-Class assault carrier; in a gunline style fleet like UNSC it's always nice to have a ship designed to power into the enemy and cause havoc!