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  1. Cause it is hard to find in the rulebook. We made the same mistake at our last game and I played sub heavy *facepalm*
  2. How about updated ORBATs for every Nation
  3. Wait what??? Are you sure you are doing this hobby right?
  4. Great colortheme and superb paintjob. And you did well on the red gradient
  5. The Wolf Pack is finished - Dominions and Valiant Attack Subs (I really like those little vessels). I also finished the tiny Flyers. They've got some... And here is the full fleet so far. I've got another wolf pack but I guess I'll wait till I get my hands on some Vanguards. It is time for my Prussians now!
  6. Thanks for all the comments It is all pure brush work. No I just made it for the fun of it Here are the latest Models. All the smalls from the Naval Battle Group. I guess the Attackers will stay in the box for some time I discovered Valiant Attack Submarines and the joy of boarding things. Also my new favourite vessel - the Vengeance I guess ramming and tearing other ships to pieces with a giant chainsaw (**** YEAH) will lead to some damage so I painted some chipping on the front parts of the ship. It was fun to paint that ship. Good that I have a second one I hope you like my latest work. Valiant Attack Submarines and Domnions are on the way at the moment. Gezeichnet, Freiherr von Schlitz PS: The water was made with an airbrush.
  7. As I read the rules you cannot refuse. Page 125 "Any Targeted Model must lead a Counter Attack to defend itself."
  8. Gustav is so hot Thanks for the pics!
  9. Prussians Am I blind or are the drone launcher rules are missing in the CoA Orbats?
  10. How about a pre-teaser for the teaser of the trailer
  11. I am just a bit impatient. In the first place I am just excited as this And just to be clear I am not really demanding things. I know that it takes it time to do all those ORBATs and it is better to take a bit more time and get the work done right instead of rushing things I am just excited about dystopian wars.
  12. May be today. :3 *Stars refreshing all dystopian wars pages* I dont even have the rulebook but ORBATs would make me calm till I can get it (-_-) (or may be spartan will send me a pdf, when I show them that I preordered it )
  13. Does the rulebook say anything about the size of the mine markers?
  14. I dont know what you guys think, but I think Wednesday is a good day to release some ORBATs :3
  15. Will the ORBATS be available for everyone or just kickstarter exclusive till July? Are you going to release the rules for free again?