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  1. With a great crackle of plasma arcing like lightning through a ominous cloud, they soon realized that was not a weather formation... but enough banshees to block out the sun.
  2. So halo ground command and fleet battles have everything you need in a halo game, be that spartans or angry aliens but i realized while playing through the masterchief collection and halo 2 that on part of halo games is missing: Skulls Skulls in halo server every game with optional gimmicks and ways to challenge and alter the game, after a little bit of play testing I have written down some rules you can use and see if its part of the game youd like added, who knows we may have tornaments with skulls added in the future! So without further ado heres the first 8 skulls id love your feedback on them: iron skull: both teams nominate 1 command element, that element gives double its normal victory points when it dies Black Eye Skull all multi wound elements can regain lost wounds up to there original amount if successful in a melee attack or defence Catch Skull all elements can use there grenades twice in a game as opposed to once Cloud Skull all long range stats are reduced by a quarter, short range remains the same Thunderstorm Skull all lances can take there respective officer/minor ect for no extra point cost Tough Luck Skull all units gain +1/+1 react stats except spartans Grunt Birthday Party all grunt lances give +1 vp when killed, replace elements with confetti if possible Cowbell Skull all grenades gain +1 AP and all weapons gain +1 AA So do try thease out they have changed of games ive tried and it feels fun and easy but i want to know what you all think, hope you can use and enjoy this idea
  3. Any news on development or a update? Eagerly waiting for new HGC battle groups and the HFB on there aswell!
  4. of all the things id love to see if i had to choose what next id hope for a squad of just elites and counterd by ODST's for the UNSC, failing that I want some hover flyers!
  5. I assume those load outs on the vehicles are to restrict how many are deployed at once as opposed to if they can be dropped, hunters are a strange mix between infantry and vehicles but in this case would act as infantry I believe, I have read it as they can be dropped as normal.
  6. Halo ground command was released to the public on the 27th of July 2016 according to halopedia! how will you be spending its anniversary? and how has this first year been for you? Here's hoping well get some anniversary models!
  7. Is the force builder being taken down or adjusted? i cant log in keeps saying there was a error
  8. The Covenant is really diverse and I'm sure everyone has a soft spot for at least one of its races.
  9. I took the liberty of reading through all the forum to get together all the details on units and battle groups spartan themselves have told us, see what your looking forward too and what you want to see soon: So far they said they have planned out 12 specialist battle groups, of them they have told us the following: Wrathful Congregation BG (Hunter's) Blessed Rain BG (Ultra's) Dark Hunters BG (Elite Rangers) Spectral Host BG (spec op ghosts) Jackal Hunting Pack (jackals) Shadowstrike BG (unknown) Silent Hunters Recon BG (UNSC Snipers) Spartan BG (spartan fire team) Warthog Cavalry BG (warthogs) ODST Insertion BG (odst's likely helljumpers) Valkyrie Air Support (Air Group) Armoured Fist BG (all vehicles) while I'm looking forward to all these there are also models promised too: Hero models are unnamed apart from fireteam Noble and Osiris who are tested, Spartan drivers and gunners on warthogs were hinted at in a upgrade box, and the models for brute chieftains, brute assault squad, brute overseer, suicide grunts, UNSC marines are apparently done and tested pending approval, Elite Rangers were talked about a lot a while back, and the vehicles: the marauder, The grizzly, the falcon and banshee models are tested too. Lastly the options of new units using existing elements were teased with the following 4 announced: Veterans Of Reach and Air Hunters for the Unsc, and grunt bombardiers and grunt grenadiers for the covenant. all of this can and likely will change as Im just reading there post in some cases a year old now and dont speak on behalf of spartan games. this is in no way a complaint, I realise my complaining earlier in this very thread is rather counterproductive and got all this information together both to show myself and others that Spartan games has so much lined up for the future and well no doubt see it soon enough pending Microsoft approval.
  10. While The Banished Were Revealed recently, lore wise they have been a active faction throughout the human covenant war, were they were fighting the covenant as well and likely existed during the attack on reach but the humans were not aware of them at this time
  11. Started painting finnaly and excited to show off my first go at a swords of sanghelios style army, hard to notice the difference in anything exept elites, went for the golden hunters to match there colours and theme.
  12. Looking at the website there nothing to show off this product range, only when you reach the store, i know spartan is so proud of the Kickstarter that never want to take it down, but can we at least get some halo advertising? Some painted model pictures on the store not just the 3d computer model, hey mayby a banner? It's a great game and even a little advertising goes a long way
  13. Spartan has done a amazing job with the models and the rules, I'm loving the game and cant wait for not just bee models, but new non model addition like new commanders, new battle groups and the hover fliers, with spartan teasing so many battle groups already what are you all looking forward to seeing? Or do you have any recommendations?
  14. Please do tell how that goes, i was toying with the idea of making blitz style stat cards but nothing further I was a huge fan of the first game but the second is a huge improvement in my personal opinion cant recommend it highly enough.
  15. I recently bought halo wars 2 (finally, after stopped throwing my money at spartan games ) I was wondering has anyone else played the game and taked any inspiration from it? Be it army colour, homebrewd missions or are you waiting for a certain model to come from that game to the table top? The lovely spartan team has said we have grizzlys, jackrabbits and mauraders on the way but what else would you want to see?
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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