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  1. @Spartan Games Where's this YouTube video he talks about on the blog?
  2. Can't it he both?
  3. FSA 3.0 will be out in a couple months. How about, until then, we all so long stop acting like children.
  4. The problem is the majority of those that post in online forums are the loud toxic type that are just looking for people to confirm their ire. Perhaps the best course of action is to wait and see what 3.0 brings and try to grow your community and meta and enjoy what you have. It would be a much more useful use of your free time.
  5. Maybe
  6. Yes I would. I'm putting back money as we speak, especially if there are Aquans, campaigns or terrain involved.
  7. Hi, I'm Chris and I play Firestorm Armada. I just got into the game this month and own an Aquan fleet consisting of a dreadnought group, patrol group, battle cruiser group, frigate and corvette group, destroyer group and cruiser squadron. I'm looking to expand with Works Raptor and Syndicate and hope to become a Vanguard as I've been a Press Ganger for Privateer Press. My favorite model is the Medusa class dreadnought but I still haven't found one to aquire as of yet. I live and play in Indianapolis Indiana.
  8. Message sent.
  9. I can bring my 6x4 space mat if you need it
  10. I just started but I've been using two squadrons of corvettes as shunt bombs and I really like it.
  11. I was thinking of shunt deployment for a pair in squadron, seems pretty solid, maybe with bombers. I'm still on the fence about including SRS with them in shunt deployment.
  12. Yeah, I checked out all your pictures. I'm big on building terrain as well and it's next on my list when I finish painting my Aquans.
  13. Would have loved to see this in person
  14. Why Wednesday? That's extremely odd since almost everyone is going Thursday through Sunday. Wish this was another day so I could make it.
  15. Would like to get in a pick up game sometime during the con, I'll be playing in the event but would like at least one more game