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  1. I would use that. I can do custom overlays myself, but some dedicated models would be cool.
  2. Like a Covenant Cadillac.
  3. Thanks. I didn't exactly planned the outcome and just added white after 5th layer of blue. I wanted Covenant camo to represent simple, beautiful death.
  4. I'm making small podcasts for Polish wargamers myself and absolutely *love* to hear everyone with mic and spare time to record. Thanks.
  5. Covenant is a little outgunned for now, but I divided Human forces. Valiants with Paris escort are part of ONI division for dealing with rebels on Covenant invasion path.
  6. They look impressive, as they should. I also didn't put windows on human warships.
  7. So I'm not the only one with wreckage. How did you do it? I suspect knife and lighter.
  8. I'm painting those right now. They're all blue, just like yours. I'll add darker blue and white details tomorrow. Nice fleet. I don't like default camo, so any variation is good.
  9. It's my first post, so hello everyone. Do you make destroyed Halo miniatures? They're expensive as Forruner artifacts, by I made some sacrifices. I'm interested in space terrain, it's cheap to make and much nicer than paper templates.