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  1. Greetings, My group has been in debate about the way Specific Units require a specific point/MFV total to be fielded. There are two ways we think it could work, but for consistency we'd like finite clarification. I'll try and keep my Question and Example simple and clear as to eliminate any confusion by any parties. For this Question/Example we'll use Page 37 of the Rulebook for reference. Which states... Heroic Covenant Characters --- 1 per Full 1250pts of MFV. Heroic UNSC Characters --- 1 per Full 1000pts of MFV. So... let's say our group has decided to have 1000 be our MFV. To field Cortana I would need 1000 Full points, as Cortana costs 80 herself... Do I include her 80pts into my calculations for my MFV? Or would the MFV actually need to be 1080. For me to field her. Example... - 1000MFV. Heroic Characters cost included in Total Point Calculations. Lord Hood - 120pts, Cortana - 80pts. Battle Groups 1-4: 1x Autumn-class (100pts), 2x Halberd Destroyers (50pts each) Total: 800pts. OR... would I not include the Heroic Characters cost in the initial points calculation... and thus need the MFV to be at least 1080... Basically... Do we include the Units/Characters (requiring specific MFV) Cost into the initial calculations? OR do we need to achieve their Required Points before being able to add them in for Their Cost? ...
  2. As for the Boarding Craft being able to perform the Assault Extraction before a Critical Core Breach occurs... I believe the answer is No. I cannot find anywhere in the Rulebook where there would be a pause between the Boarding Action resulting in a CCB and the Actual Detonation of said Element. On Page 100 of the Rulebook it states in the third paragraph under CCB that... "All Assault Craft on Board the removed Element are expelled 4" into space..." So No... you cannot attempt an Assault Extraction inbetween determining CCB and CCB occuring. Assault Extraction would be used if the Boarding Result Table did not achieve a 13+... anything below that and you could use Assault Extraction.
  3. Hi there, The Spartan would replace one of the Standard Troopers. So if an Element had a Boarding of 4... the Spartan would take one of those spots. So 3+Spartan. Note: 1 Spartan costs 100pts and can only be used in a full 1000pt Battle. For Assault Extraction, Page 100 of the Rulebook. "In certain circumstances at the end of a Boarding Action, surviving Tokens belonging to the Attacker may attempt to extricate themselves from an enemy in a mad rush to reach the safety of nearby friendly Elements capable of berthing them." Three stipulations follow. Available Capacity, Within Range and Not being Boarded itself. So if you have a friendly Element nearby, Range is 12" for UNSC. If that Element is within 12", you pass the Range stipulation. If that Element has room to receive the Boarding Craft... For Example... Marathon Heavy Cruiser has Boarding of 2. So you could only attempt to Assault Extraction two of your Troops, and only if the Marathon doesn't have any of its own Boarding Craft still docked. And lastly, the Element you're attempting to Extract to must not presently have enemy boarders on it. If you meet all Three conditions, you may attempt an Assault Extraction. The Enemy may choose to attack One of your Extracting Craft and fire at it with Point Defense. Any that survive go on the Formation Base of the Element you extracted to... and may be used by that Element next turn.
  4. Greetings, Received my new Phoenix-class ships and the Pelicans come with Green dice only (not White dice). As per the Autumn's, which also came with Green dice, as ODSTs. For which +5pts would switch Standard Troopers with ODST on the Autumns. Does the Phoenix come standard with ODST troops? As there are no additional rules to say Yes. But why send Green (ODST) dice?
  5. Greetings, I have a question regarding Wings. Can you Scuttle wings? Redock them at a Carrier? Or do they just fly around until destroyed? Example... UNSC has... 2 Wings of 4 Interceptors. And an Epoch with Carrier Action (3). Covenant has... 1 Wing of 5 Bombers. Let's say for the purpose of this example that the UNSC destroys all the Covenant Bombers and UNSC loses no Interceptors. Can the UNSC dock those Interceptors at a Carrier to re-deploy them as Bombers? Or does it now simply have 8 Interceptors and no Covenant targets for them? Recap... Anyway to get rid of unwanted Wings, other then destruction.
  6. Greetings, My question is regarding Glide. I know you may replace your normal Forward movement with a Sideways movement. My question is this... let's say a ship has a Loadout of Glide (4). That would mean the ship could Glide 4"... Can it move anywhere between 0" and 4"? Or does it have to move the total distance? Example... Glide (4) Loadout, can I Glide 1.5" to the Side? ***Second Question, IF you MUST Glide the full amount. And Glide would cause the Element to overlap Terrain... would you suffer the Full Speed Through Terrain Penalty? *** = If Question 1 is No, disregard. Third Question... If the Element may Glide anywhere up to the (X) value. Can you choose to move less then 1", or even 0" ? Example... can you move 1/16" or otherwise, not take a Movement?
  7. So for the MAC Vulnerable you roll the single Halo dice, depending on the MAC value. You roll this before rolling the Attack dice? So you can potentially apply a Vulnerable Token before the attack? Thus lowering the Defensive pool?..
  8. Greetings, I have a question about MACs regarding the chance at applying a Vulnerable Token. In the Rulebook it says to Roll your attack dice and the roll for Vulnerable with the assumption that the attack will Hit. Does this mean that even if you don't score enough hits to beat the opponents damage track, you still roll for Vulnerable? Or must you attack be great enough to actually cause damage? Thanks in advance.
  9. So I received my Phoenix-class ships today. After unpacking, noticed the Pelicans come with Green dice... which represent ODST Troops correct? As White dice are Troopers and Red dice are Spartans... There's nothing on any of the included rule cards, but does that mean that by default the Phoenix-class have ODST troops? ... or did they just give more Green dice... and is there a cost to equip ODST instead of standard Troopers? Kind of like changing Interceptors to Sabres.
  10. Greetings, So, for an additional +5pts an Autumn can have its Troopers be replaced with ODST. Are they available on any other ships for the same cost? Or would it have to be a house rule to achieve this?
  11. Thanks for the Clarification! Makes much more sense now.
  12. If you have your Phoenix on a 45degree angle to a Covenant ship so that it is in both your Forward and Side Arcs you'll be able to combine the two MACs in one Firing Solution, yes?
  13. The P/S MAC firing arc is going to be a real Game changer.
  14. Can you post a link to the stats plz.
  15. Greetings All, Question... I have a card for the UNSC Combat Orion Assault Carrier, it's a Gold... so Specialist Battle Group. But I don't see anything anywhere for what else is in the Battle Group, any stats or unique abilities or anything... Was there supposed to be a card with it? Or is it just a solo ship BG?
Warcradle Studios are looking for active community members to support the forum upon its relaunch!
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