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Guess our group play-styles are different. The Stolz always found a way to earn back their points in most of the games. 

For v1.1 the frigate couldn't be outmatched by any other small on the board so its tough to compare since i would only see the Arminius. But, it was better than other smalls from other fleets, of course not better than all smalls Again at least from my two groups playing experience which based on play style and other metas can vary results between our two experiences.  

Definitely lower tier now since the revised ORBATS last year. 

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9 hours ago, Zahariel said:

Well to be honest those guns on the stolz are definitely not bombards.  Huge guns yes.  Bombard no. 

So? The turret on the French AA ship is somehow able to elevate high enough to take down aircraft, and the Sturmbringer can somehow rotate its bombard.

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