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Hey up lads and ladies

Hope we are all good. I have been out of the HFB for a few months now but keen to step back in.

Are there any fellow gamers in the Northwest area. My local hobby group only does 40k and are pretty strict when it comes to none 40k games.

Apologise if this is breaking forum rules by the way.


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Well this was disappointing lol

I do wish there was more genuine players out there for this game.

I got into this game as GW hacked me off so much last year I was wanting to find a system that seemed to support its player base. Spartan seemes to be this.

But the lack of player base and Spartans seemingly lack of online commitment seems to be having a detrimental effect on this HFB product.

Bitsbox was got me into this game.

Once they stopped doing online battle reports I havnt found anyone else who does these if any quaility. Think Spartan should try and take the mantel o  this?

Am I completely off whack with this, or do people agree on this?

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I wasn't responding because I live in the American Midwest, and I don't think there's any plausible means of one of us getting to the other for a game.

I actually had a very similar origin story for getting into this game.  GW gave the middle finger to players one too many times, and I stopped playing, which happened to correspond to when I found out about Halo Fleet Battles, so I sold all of my 40k stuff and bought a couple fleets for Halo Fleet Battles.

The already established games are on self-reinforcing loops, where new people play them because they have an established player-base, and they continue to have an established player base because new players keep joining.  What I've done for Halo Fleet Battles is to buy both the UNSC and Covenant fleets, and go to the game store with both fleets built and a summary of the rules printed out so that I can find someone who isn't occupied and entice them to play a game of Halo Fleet Battles, allowing them to learn the game, see for themselves that the mechanics are good, and do so without investing money up front.  The goal is that eventually they'll buy their own fleets and I won't be stuck trying to make both fleets as balanced as possible (to remove bias in fleet-building I've been letting the other player pick which fleet he wants to play)

I would very much like if we saw more out of Spartan Games (Battle Reports, FAQs, etc), but I don't know what all they do behind the scenes.  I've had only a couple direct interactions with them, and both times they addressed my concerns as quickly and efficiently as if they'd been Dr. Halsey's very own Spartan IIs.

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