3rd Edition Command Orders

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31 minutes ago, blut_und_glas said:

I specualted about moving to a system where the activation itself would already cost a CO.

In a long campaign I could see maybe using could be used to simulate keeping your supply lines going in a series of battles.

However in a single battle it seems impractical. You would have to do a lot of bookkeeping to keep track of everything, And I could see battles ending with one player having no points towards the end and his opponent demolishing him because of it. Besides who in their right mind would let their fleet go into battle without enough supplies to get the job done. Just saying.

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1 hour ago, duck_bird said:

Hmmm. I'm not super sold on this system.  Command points for moves that used to be free feels wrong.  You shouldn't need to have a resource cost tied to boarding or stopping a ship.

Command points based on fleet size or number of squads taken or bought with points is fine. But what you do with them looks pretty wonky.  I actually think the special orders system from Battlefleet Gothic was really solid. Not the assignment system, which was way too RNG based, but the orders themselves.  It gave a bonus and malus to the ships involved so you had clear decisions to make.

At the start of the turn each player assigns orders to their ships using command points, but make those orders interesting!  Power to the guns at the cost of maneuverability, power to the shields at the cost of speed.  Power to the engines at the cost of firepower, etc etc.  Give a clear upside and downside to each order.


Don't tell me my ship can't slow down or launch a boarding assault because the admiral didn't say to explicitly.

Like the special orders in bfg 

command order shouldn't be a guaranteed benefit but always comes with an in game downside 

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In looking at how command orders work, I can tell you that we're not going to require CO for general squadron activations.   There are other changes that we could/would/should make before we go down that path.

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